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Which is better to hire a freelancer or hire  a marketing firm?



We can say that the answer to this question depends on several factors, such as the size of the company, its budget, the goals you want to achieve, the field of work, the time available to carry out the marketing campaign and the experience available within the company.

  • For example, if a company is small in size and does not have a sufficient budget to hire permanent marketing staff and hire a specialized marketing company, it may be better to resort to freelancers to carry out the marketing campaign. They can also have specialized skills and expertise in specific areas of marketing that can be beneficial to the company.
  • If the company is large and has a budget to hire a permanent marketing team, it may be better to hire a marketing company with advanced marketing experience, skills and tools that can provide support for the best results.

To determine the exact choice, let us take you on a tour that may help you decide between independent individuals or a marketing company

The advantages of relying on freelancers in  marketing

Cost savings:  Fixed costs can be saved for hiring permanent marketing staff, and freelancers can only be paid when they need them.

Flexibility:  Freelancers can be assigned to specific tasks in specific projects, allowing flexibility in strategy transformation if necessary without having to change the entire marketing team.

Specialized skills:  Independent individuals have specialized skills in certain areas of marketing, and the company can take advantage of these specific skills.

Limited duration:  Working with freelancers does not require a long-term commitment, and the relationship can be terminated at any time.

Speed:  Many freelancers have speed, many are faster at implementing and adapting to changes in the market.

Disadvantages of dependence on Freelancers in marketing

You may find some disadvantages with dealing with independent individuals in marketing and can be limited to:

Instability:  Freelancers can withdraw from the project at any time, leading to instability in the marketing team.

Part-time:  Freelancers may have many other clients, resulting in part-time.

Sometimes freelancers may need frequent guidance and clarification about the project and its requirements, which can lead to a waste of time and effort.

Hiring freelancers can be more expensive than hiring a company, especially if a project requires hiring a large number of freelancers.

Conflict:   There may be a conflict between freelancers and the work of the internal team of the company, which can lead to difficulty in communication and coordination between the two teams.


Difficulty managing work:  A company can have difficulty managing work and projects implemented by freelancers, especially if there are a large number of freelancers and various projects that are being worked on.

Difficulty setting standards:  A company can have difficulty identifying the criteria and indicators that should be used to measure the performance of freelancers and assess the quality of the work they do.

Relying on freelancers in marketing can lead to loss of control and control of the business, as freelancers work outside the internal environment of the company and may accomplish tasks in a different way than the internal team of the company.

Advantages of using marketing companies

Experience and competence:   A marketing company has high experience and competence in the field of marketing, enabling it to carry out marketing campaigns efficiently and effectively.

Focus on objectives:   A marketing company is interested in identifying the goals and indicators to be achieved through the marketing campaign, which leads to more effective results and determines the desired results.

Specialized team:  Marketing companies can provide a specialized team in different fields.

Save time and effort:   The ability of marketing companies to save the time and effort necessary to prepare and implement the marketing campaign, enabling the organization to focus on its core activities.

Time:   Marketing companies are characterized by a commitment to time, and deliver the work entrusted to them properly and on time.

Flexibility in communication:  Convenient dates can be set to suit customers faster and easier.

Some customers may experience some things that may be a disadvantage to them:

Cost:  The cost of working with marketing companies is high compared to relying on freelancers.

Large companies:  Some large companies prefer to deal with large and global marketing companies, which makes it difficult to work with them for small companies.

Incompatibility:  The way the company specializes in marketing may not be compatible with the nature of the company benefiting from the service, which affects the quality and success of the marketing campaign.

Waiting for results:  It may take time to get the results of a marketing campaign, and the client must be patient and willing to invest for a long time.

Self-alignment:  Marketing companies may rely on their own strategies and implementation rather than developing and implementing the right marketing strategy for each customer, which makes the customer vulnerable to self-bias in favor of the company specialized in marketing.

Trust the specialized company:  The customer must rely on a reliable and reputable marketing company, and this needs careful research and evaluation can take a long time.


Rapid changes:  There can be a change in the needs of the beneficiary company or in the market, which requires changing the advertising plan quickly and effectively.

In general, using a marketing company with industry experience may be appropriate for large companies or companies that want to launch a comprehensive and integrated marketing campaign.  The presence of flaws in the company depends on how professional and experienced it is in the market if you are looking for a company that has a precedent in several areas such as tourism, education, restaurants, and others. The perfect choice for you … Start developing your business, unleash it, and connect with Sidra Media.

There are many important factors to consider when choosing a successful marketing company, including:

Experience and competence:  The selected company must have experience and competence in marketing, by reviewing the experiences of previous customers.

Specialization in the field:  The selected company must be specialized in the field in which the beneficiary company operates, and this can be seen through the company’s website and learn about its services and specialties.

Creativity and Innovation: The company must be able to innovate and present new and creative ideas in marketing, by knowing the current trends in the market and the knowledge of successful advertising campaigns.

Customer relationship: The company should be interested in building a good relationship with customers, by providing continuous support and providing necessary advice and guidance.

Communication and coordination:  There must be transparency and continuous communication between the beneficiary company and the selected company to ensure good coordination and the achievement of the objectives set.

Transparency and integrity: The company must be committed to transparency and integrity with customers, advertising content and financial reports and work to achieve the objectives of the client in a transparent and fair manner.

Quality and efficiency:  The company must be able to provide high-quality services and high efficiency, through the use of modern technologies and tools in the field of marketing.

Reputation and credibility:  The chosen company must have a high reputation and credibility in the market.

These and other factors must be taken into account when choosing a successful marketing company, and make sure you choose the right company that can achieve the company’s specific goals.

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