“Don’t say you can’t do this, you can, but you don’t believe in yourself and your abilities very well”

“Don’t say you can’t do this, you can, but you don’t believe in yourself and your abilities very well”

“Mahmoud Fawzi Saad,” founder of Sedra Media (Marketing Agency), said it is his most impressive statement to expose elements of success so that you can prepare yourself well.

“Pursuit, discipline, continuity, the aid of God and belief in yourself are the keys to your first steps on the ladder of success.

Mahmoud Fawzi, a young man in his thirties from the government Giza , holds a bachelor’s degree in applied arts, graphic arts and advertising.

Take a closer look at his life:
From a young age, his love of exercise was often a favorite hobby of hockey.

He was able to be the field hockey goalkeeper for Zamalek.
Until he won three nationwide championships.

Due to his excellence in hockey, he joined the Egyptian national team at one point.

Launch Moment:
In spite of his mastery and distinction, he was giving all the attention to exercise at the expense of studying.

At university, he realized his real passion for art, advertising and promotion and became more and more attached to things.

In fact, joining the College of Applied Arts was his goal from a young age. When he went and learned, he became sure of his strong attachment to the arts and propaganda until he graduated from university in 2014 and went on to perform his national duty
He then joined several places to fill the following positions:
1- Graphic engineer
2- Marketing officer
3-Print and Publication Engineer
4- Operations Manager
5. Marketing Manager

Five years of work and moving from one place to another, five years of work carry with them a lot of help from God, and the certainty that tiredness and pursuit will inevitably lead to God’s amazing success.

So in 2019, he founded his first step, Sedra Media
It is worth mentioning that Mahmoud Fawzi has received many certificates and has achieved many achievements to shed light on them as well:

1. Diploma of Marketing
2- MBA Certified Business Manager
3-He marketed and managed the business of approximately 28 companies within Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar and Iraq.
4-Marketing Director Baraka Group Company.
He achieved many successes and figures while moving from one company to another, success stories that highlight his distinction in the field and the constant pursuit of the best opportunities in the field.

When asked about:
The reason why the company is called “Sedra” does the name have a certain connotation?
Yes, the name is derived from the tree of paradise (Sidrat Al-Muntaha)
Sedra’s name also carries a distinctive character when it comes to other Arab countries.

Mahmoud Fawzi, for his exceptional efforts in his profession, was able to attract many customers, not only from Egypt, but from all Arab countries.
He is well aware of how well he studies the market and competitors; He finds competitive value, always unique in his work and services, and takes astonishing steps away from competitors.

Fawzi relayed his support:
My mother and father have all the credit and praise that God Almighty has given me since childhood. They are the refuge of security and a source of strength for progress.

“It was not easy to get there, but faced many difficulties:
1- Establishment of the company before the spread of the coronavirus
2- Difficulty in convincing customers to move their business to digital switching platforms
3-Customers don’t absorb the power of digital transformation with increased sales
4- To find a creative team that possesses talent and works to develop itself and to commit to the tasks assigned to it.

Mahmoud Fawzi explained to us what is happening in his mind on several important issues to highlight the most important points he made:

1. Free resources are the best way to start your reports
In determining your specialty well, use paid resources to develop more professionally.

2- Foreign digital content does not replace paid courses;Because the marketplace is associated with the culture of the target audience.

3-Being on LinkedIn is not limited to a specific class, it is convenient and can be scaled up.

4- The experience of young people in the labor market lies in the following:
-Working as Freelancer for free for a while;So that startup owners know your expertise, and promote yourself well.
-Effective communication with your specialty group.
-Learning from failure, failure is not the end. The end is that you fall into a failure trap and do not work out of it.

5. To achieve the “continuity” element you must improve and develop your customer service, take care of your business, no matter how much.

Fawzi spoke about his goals saying:
-I hope Sedra Team of Cairo branch reaches 100 innovators
-that the company’s branches not only be limited to Cairo and Riyadh, but also expand to establish their positions in both Dubai and Kuwait.

At the end of the interview he gave advice to the youth saying:
1- Daily access to new information in your field of specialization
2. Specializing in a certain field and devoting all the time and effort to learning, enables you to achieve the highest financial return.
3-Don’t rush to be an expert in your field… because it comes with time and good practice.
4- Work to build good social relationships, especially during your career.
5. Working to improve your skills daily… Makes you believe in yourself, makes you realize that you can… So God crowns your effort and endeavors for success
“To every hard-working man there is a portion,” she recalls
“Mahmoud Fawzi”

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