Greens Market Shop

The success story of Sedra Media & Greens Market Shop


Some points that we talked about with your team to make good results in the marketing of supermarkets field with Greens Market Shop.

1- Digital Marketing Plan


After deep research, we have found the points that customers need in Greens Market Shop.
With a perfect strategic case study, we knew it was the right time to place all of our applications online.

From home to be safe and to keep our tech mentality moving

Therefore, always remember that you meet the needs of your
customers if you want to make a good relationship with them.


2- Printing 


One of the best things we did with Greens Market Shop was when we decided to print this
magazine to help the public find their needs on social media.

To achieve more success, we cannot forget the people who do not use social media, so when
customers come to our branches, they will see the same products and the same prices on paper to
guide them to the best offers.

Our first branch was opened in Nasr City, and then we expanded to another branch in
Maadi to meet the needs of our audience in this particular region.

3- Social media management with Greens Market Shop


Make the audience engage with you at every stage so you know their needs.

In Sedra media, we satisfy it by providing written, audio, and visual content, which helps
the customers link to your brand.

We can also give customers the opportunity to express their opinions by offering some
products to know that they like.

Their opinions about adding this service or not! This makes your customers feel more and
more connected to your brand.

4-  follow-up step 


One of the most critical steps for your success is
when you follow up with your audience after the selling process.

The same customers will buy from you again. So, you have to
take care of their news all the time to allow your

brand to leave a happy memory with them.

The power of the word, As a result of your follow-up with your customers, they will
nominate your products and services to other people and become marketed to you effortlessly

Learn more about what Sedra Media offers by going to our services.

Start from here and take the initiative to start marketing your project or start now by emailing us.

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