Chosen Store

 Our Journey with Chosen Store.


Here are some of the elements that we have taken into account to achieve good
results in the Chosen Store through marketing in the field of clothing.

1- Step one: Re-Branding the whole identity of Chosen.


Your brand should inspire the audience to know your reflection in this field.
For this reason, the identity of Chosen Store has been changed to become more

simple, colorful, and professional to get keep the right audience to instill this
brand in the minds of customers.

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2- Step two: The Digital Marketing with Chosen Store


Chosen Store in one of the online branches for the sale of pregnant women’s clothing in the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which was a challenge to put this brand on our successful track.

3- Third step: Building a website with Chosen

It was one of the most important steps with Chosen that we make it.

so that we can consolidate the brand in this new field and reach the target customers.

Our use of black and violet allowed us to paint the full picture of fluidity and elegance.

As for white, it was used to give us something of purity and simplicity, which are
the characteristics of a mother.

To facilitate the purchasing process for customers.

4- Fourth step: Social Media Management with Chosen Store


Choosing the right words with animation to create a state of intimacy and interaction between
you and your customer requires working on content that plays on the emotions of the audience
and choosing the right words. To convey the feelings of motherhood and warmth

We must also give customers the opportunity to speak up and express their opinion and let them know
their needs will be met.

5- Follow-up with the clients with Chosen Store


Your team should work on following up with your current customers so that you can
know their requirements and their way of thinking.

And always improve the after-sales service so that you get their permanent loyalty and
they also refer you to new clients through existing clients.

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