Marketing Strategy

Is Marketing Strategy essential for business?


Before we know whether Marketing Strategy is necessary for any business or it is necessary to know what Marketing Strategy is and its importance… And what are Marketing Plans and the differences between them?
What is Marketing Strategy?

A marketing strategy is a comprehensive plan that marketers use to achieve their marketing goals.  This strategy includes steps to be taken to reach the customer audience and turn them into actual customers.  Marketing strategy is based on understanding consumers, analyzing the market and competitors and using the right tools to achieve the set goals.

The marketing strategy aims to identify the target market, target and potential consumers and identify effective ways to communicate with them and attract their attention.  It also aims to improve brand awareness, increase sales and profits, improve customer experience and enhance brand loyalty.

The Importance of Marketing Strategy in Marketing

Marketing strategy is a critical factor in the success of any marketing campaign, and for business of any kind in general, as it helps in identifying marketing objectives and developing the necessary plans to achieve these goals.

The importance of marketing strategy is as follows:

Target audience: Through a marketing strategy, the target audience is identified for the product or service offered, and this helps to better direct the marketing efforts and increase the chances of success of the campaign.


2- improving the customer experience:  Marketing strategy helps in determining what customers prefer and what they want to get, which improves the customer experience and increases their satisfaction and loyalty to the brand.

3 – increase sales and profits: Thanks to a good marketing strategy, it is possible to increase brand awareness and attract more potential customers, and this helps in increasing sales and profits.

4-  Excellence from competitors: The marketing strategy can help in differentiating between the products or services provided and their competitors and distinguish them significantly and differently, and this helps in attracting customers easily and improving marketing performance.

5- Data Analysis and Measurement:  Marketing strategy can be used to collect and analyze data and evaluate the performance of the marketing campaign, and this helps in determining the results, which is reflected in the improvement of marketing campaigns.

Stages of marketing strategy

There are many models and methods for marketing strategy, but the stages of the  basic marketing strategy can be summarized into several stages:

Market analysis: The target market must first be analyzed to identify customer needs and external factors that affect the market of the product or service provided.

Product/service analysis:  At this stage, the product or service provided is analyzed and its features, benefits and what distinguishes it from competitors.

Competitor analysis: Competitors must be analyzed to understand how their products and services are marketed and to identify the strengths and weaknesses of competitors.

Develop a comprehensive marketing plan that identifies the objectives, target audience, chosen marketing strategy and implementation plan.

– Implementation and evaluation:  The marketing plan must be implemented and its results measured and evaluated periodically to determine whether the plan is successful or not and make the adjustments that require its success.

– Improve customer relationship:  Marketing strategy can be used to improve the relationship between customers and the brand, through the provision of after-sales services and continuous communication with customers to learn more details about the product or service that they purchased and learn the pros and cons of the product.


In general, marketing strategy plays an important role in achieving the brand’s marketing goals, helping to improve the customer experience, increase sales, and improve the relationship between the customer and your business.


What’s the marketing plan? (Marketing Plan)

The difference between the marketing strategy (marketing strategy)


  • A marketing plan is a detailed path or route that determines the actions that must be taken to achieve marketing goals in a specific period of time, and the marketing plan includes an analysis of the market, competitors and target audience, and knowing the appropriate marketing strategies and determine the budget and schedule for the implementation of the plan.
  • A marketing strategy is a general and comprehensive plan that explains how to achieve long-term marketing goals.

We can say that the marketing plan focuses on the exact details and steps necessary to implement the marketing strategy and also focuses on the technical aspect of marketing such as the content, the type of advertising and the platform through which to advertise. The marketing strategy focuses on the overall concept or form and the main objective of the company and what ways to achieve this goal in the long term.



The role of the marketing plan or Marketing plan

A marketing plan usually involves analyzing the market and competitors and determining the competitive advantage of the product or service, as well as identifying the target markets, target groups, promotional plans, marketing venues and budget required to implement the plan.  It helps your business or business identify the steps needed to achieve marketing goals and identify the key criteria to be achieved.

The importance of the marketing plan or Marketing plan

Some may confuse the plan with the strategy, but a marketing plan or marketing plan is one of the most important tools that companies can use to achieve their marketing goals and improve their performance. One of the most important reasons why marking plan is important for businesses or companies is:

A  marketing plan can direct the efforts of the marketing team toward achieving the goals set, and identify the appropriate actions to achieve these goals, which increases the chances of success of marketing campaigns and improve the performance of the company.

2 – facing challenges: The marketing plan enables companies to plan in advance for all aspects of marketing, which makes it set an outlook and certain expectations so that it is ready, in the face of any new challenges.

3 – Joint Link: The Marketing Plan helps to improve coordination among all team members within the company, including the marketing, management, operation, and sales departments.  This makes the overall goal of the company clear to everyone, and everyone works to achieve this goal.

4 – Performance Measurement: A marketing plan is an important tool to measure performance and determine the main criteria to be achieved according to the marketing objectives.  This helps companies identify any gaps and work to resolve them and improve their overall business performance.



5 – defining competition: The marketing plan helps in knowing competitors and knowing their style and marketing methods, which helps the company to identify the appropriate methods to compete with them, and work to provide competitive advantages for the products and services offered and promote and determine prices and offers appropriate to them.

6– setting the budget: Marketing Plan is an important means of determining the budget required to implement the marketing plan, and knowing the extent to which the company can provide it.

7 – risk reduction: Having a marketing plan for companies that reduce risks, identify the most feasible opportunities for profit and avoid mistakes that the company may fall into.

8-  identifying strengths and weaknesses: The marketing plan can help companies to identify strengths and weaknesses, and it works to develop the necessary plans to improve performance and achieve success in the market and thus can work to develop and improve strengths and work to reduce or even prevent weaknesses.

Thus, it can be said that the marketing plan helps companies to identify marketing objectives and determine the appropriate actions to achieve them and improve the company’s commercial performance.  This makes it an essential and essential step for the success of companies in the market.  They are an integral part of marketing strategies, through which the company is guaranteed to know the company’s own shortcomings or gaps and to know the best ways to increase profit and sales.


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